Six Amazing Wall Art Ideas that will Turn your Home into an Art Gallery


In this busy world where we live in, we barely have the time to visit museums or art galleries. In fact, we scarcely have time for any leisure activities. But we have to remember that these activities will calm our minds, hearts, and bodies even just for an hour or two.

Aside from the relaxation it brings, visiting a museum can also improve our thinking ability and creativity that may have diminished because of all the stress surrounding us. Notable is Guggenheim Org’s recent study showing how learning through art positively impacts students’ abilities.

If you’re too busy to pursue an art museum trip for you and your family, why not turn your home into an art gallery that will surely be a source of inspiration?

Shapes and Patterns

Photo from Pinterest


All you need to do is to google for patterns or shapes that you like and buy a frame and a spray paint. Once you’ve chosen a pattern or a shape, imagine how you’d want to see it on a framed wall art and print it accordingly. Cut out the shape or pattern, then spray paint on the hole that the cut out left. After that, frame your artwork and hang it on the wall.

Leaves against the Canvas

Photo from Mr. Kate

You might be delighted with the sight of nature-inspired art that comes in various forms and never gets old. If you want a simple wall art decoration that you can do in less than an hour, get a can of spray paint, a canvas, and a small branch of shrub with several leaves that will serve as your pattern for this wall art.

Place the branch against the canvas and start spray painting. You can use one or different colors of paint, depending on your creative idea. Once the whole canvas is painted, let it dry for a few hours and marvel at the sight of your new home decor.

Framed Kid’s Art

Let your children see that you value their artwork by putting their creation inside a frame. Hang these framed artworks next to each other and you serve two purposes – having a unique art corner at your home and boosting your children’s self-esteem.


Framed Fabric

You can either buy a new fabric or use an old one that has not seen the light of day for a long time. You might want it to serve another purpose rather than storing it in your closet. This is very easy.

You just have to buy a frame, one that’s classy or rustic. Stretch the fabric against the board at the back of the frame, then display it.


Hang your Instagram Photos

You think your photography schools have improved? You’re getting more likes on instagram and it feels good? Then you’ll feel even better seeing your wonderful photos hanging on your wall. Have your most favorite instagram photos printed on a photo paper or a canvas and you’ll see the work of your hand on a daily basis


Chalkboard Wall

Photo from International Target

Don’t be afraid to go too loud when it comes to turning an area of your home into an art gallery. You can have the whole wall in your living room painted with a chalkboard paint so you can change the design on your wall anytime you want. This can also be an outlet for you after a stressful day.


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