About WYHI

“There’s no place like home.” This line in the movie The Wizard of Oz plays in my head whenever I hear the word “home.” This is probably one of the biggest influences in my life.

Young as I was when I first saw this movie, I already started to understand the value of family. As I grew older in a happy home with my very loving parents, I was blessed enough to personally experience the meaning of home. When the time came that I had to leave this place for school, that’s the time I fully fathomed how incomparable home and family are.

Home is the place where you feel most comfortable. It’s where all the memories from your childhood through your teenage years are created and there they will stay. For good. Every corner, every inch, every item reminds you of who you used to be and where you came from.

It has always been my goal to make my own home and my own family the same as the one I grew up in. I long for my kids to experience the happy childhood that my parents gave me. In order to do this, I also have to give them the same protection that my mom and dad provided for me when I was still too young to protect myself.

I think all parents would understand this. I believe that all moms and dads out there would also want to give these same things to their sons and daughters.

This is why Where Your Heart Is existed in the first place. This site intends to give you real-life experiences and lessons that parents and heads of families would like to know. We share ideas, information, lessons, and trends that you should know in order to keep your family happy and healthy.

If you’re kind enough, please share your thoughts and experiences too. As heads of the family, we ought to know how to give only the best for our household.