What Everyone Should Know about Drain Cleaning 

As much as we try to deny it, water is such an important resource in our everyday lives. This vital requirement allows us to wash our bodies efficiently, helps prepare our meals, and provides us a form of nourishment. Without the presence of water in our lives, our daily living experience will surely be a lot harder. This is the reason why our home’s plumbing and drainage system should be kept and maintained properly. There may be a lot of plumbing solutions that should be practiced regularly. One such practice you should never go for is using chemical fluids to clean your drains.


What are drain cleaners?

drain cleaners

Basically, drain cleaners are a type of fluid you can buy from a supermarket. Its primary job is to clean your drains from any form of dirt, dust, and other harmful elements that may clog it. Some examples are hair, paper, food waste, and most organic forms of trash that may get stuck in your drains. As a result, the flow of used water from a sink or a bathroom floor into the sewage system will be smooth and hindrance-free.

Drain cleaners accomplish this particular feat due to its chemical composition. Generally, drain cleaners use sodium hydroxide or sulfuric acid as one of its main ingredients. These two chemical compositions help clear clogs in the fastest manner possible.


What are its harmful effects?

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Most people don’t know but using chemical cleaners to unclog drains can be very harmful to your plumbing system. Sulfuric acid or sodium hydroxide, two of the main ingredients of drain cleaners, are known to corrode plumbing drain pipes at a very fast rate. Plumbing pipe drains are made of materials like copper and iron. Once these pipes are exposed to drain cleaners and their corrosion-causing chemicals, you can expect them to wear out faster than you expect. After some time, your drain pipes will weaken and be the cause of leaks in your home.

Another harmful effect of using drain cleaners is its negative contribution to the environment. The water you have used in your home is expelled with the help of your drainage system. They are then expelled to nearby sewers, which will then be released to a close body of water in the area. This contaminated water will help kill marine life once it makes contact with it. Whether it may be plants or animals residing in a body of water, they will instantly feel its negative effects and place the entire balance of the eco-system off.


What are better options to use?

Rather than use drain cleaners and endanger your home and the environment, it’s best to go for alternative options. One such option you might be interested in is the usage of a biodegradable cleaning fluid for your drains. Unlike conventional drain cleaners, this product uses a natural enzyme solution to clean any form of dirt and waste in your drains without causing any corrosion. At the same time, biodegradable drain cleaners are also safe for the environment.

Another wise decision you can make when it comes to cleaning drains is to hire quality services performed by plumber Singapore contractors. This contractor has accumulated years of training and experience in handling plumbing repairs and installation work. With the help of a professional plumber, you pipes can be cleaning fast without causing any future problems. Plus, all of your plumbing-related problems can be easily resolved with the help of this professional.